Who we are!

We call ourselves the ISG Family Business Consultants. We are four principals with more than 120 years of combined experience in family

businesses, the private sector, the financial services sector, semi-government and government sectors. We draw upon our experience with family businesses to help our clients establish the emotional and economic roots of multigenerational success. We partner with family business owners as they make difficult choices in times of change, ensuring that their legacy is renewed across generations.

We bring together deeply integrated, multi-disciplinary expertise in family governance, business, finance, ownership, and philanthropy; this expertise gives us the ability to challenge clients, whilst respecting what they have accomplished. Our team has true compassion for family values, traditions, and aspirations, and we’re fiercely committed to achieving lasting results. By building an environment of trust, we encourage business families to be the best they can be – for each other, for the businesses, and for the community.

What we do!

Whatever the situation, ISG business advisors take time to understand your business, your family, and the interests and needs of all stakeholders in order to help you make sound, informed decisions. Other family business consulting services we provide are:

Comprehensive business and family systems analysis Individual leadership assessment and coaching.

Practical business advice designed to support stakeholders in building a stronger organization and more cohesive family relationships.

Conflict management,  Exit strategy

We have the knowledge and experience needed to support you in managing and optimising the interaction between your family and your business. Consultants at ISG are from different, complementary backgrounds who specialize in family business governance issues. Our expertise covers:

Business strategy and vision development Shareholder strategy and financial architecture Ownership and governance Leadership and team development Issues of business continuity and restructuring Succession planning and management Family dynamics and conflict management

We operate independently, honestly, discreetly, and with respect for the family business. We are practical and process oriented in our approach to your questions and dilemmas: we make sure it works!