Whatever the situation, ISG business advisors take time to understand your business, your family, and the interests and needs of all stakeholders in order to help you make sound, informed decisions.

ISG offers advisory services in three areas:

  1. Family Strategy, Governance, and Organization:

    Assisting the family to determine its mission, vision, and strategies and to strengthen family governance and relationships to achieve the family’s goals.

  2. Business Strategy, Governance, and Organization:

    Helping the business to determine its mission, vision, and strategies, and strengthen its governance and organization to achieve these goals.

  3. Ownership Strategy, Governance, and Organization:

    Helping the family to determine the right ownership structure and policies for its business, develop effective inheritance practices, and identify financial strategies for the business and family that strengthen the overall system.

  4. Strategic Integration

    The long-term success of family business systems depends upon the mutual support of the family, business and ownership groups. While it is important to understand how each of the three circles works as an independent unit, it is counterproductive to think of the three circles as separate. Real transformation of the family business systems is achieved when all three groups improve their capabilities. Our integrated service offering of the three family business systems helps to build and maintain the “connective tissue” between and among the three circles.

Family businesses differ from non-family enterprises – as do business families from other types of family. It’s critical that advisors to business families understand these distinctions before they can begin to manage the challenges they face.

ISG uses The Three-Circle Model to describe the family business system as three independent but overlapping subsystems: business, ownership, and family. Any individual in a family business system falls in one of the seven sectors created by the three circles.

ISG advisors bring diverse and deep experience to assisting the family business. We bring years of experience to working with the Family Circle on conflict management and of conflict prevention, with the Management Circle in strategic planning and/or operational improvement and with the Ownership Circle in analyzing major changes in capital structure or implementing a board of advisors. Engagements include: